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Life Insurance Expense or Savings?

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

Written by Thomas F. Crowley

Most people think of life insurance as an expense and the only benefit is to provide protection for their family when they die. Insurance is viewed as a hit to the budget and for many people there is never a suitable time to use cash for something they believe is too far into the future.

What most people do not realize is that life insurance is one of the last places people can build wealth tax-free. At W. H. Steiner we educate people on how life insurance is not a hit to the budget, but instead can be the safest and surest way to build savings and equity.

Through our advanced market policies, we demonstrate how premium payments become savings and how those savings increase through compounded tax-free interest accumulation. We also provide a way of participating in stock market gains without the risks associated with a market downturn. Our programs have a zero floor, which means that if the market goes down your savings do not. This component, unique to the plans we construct, is not only a relief to the budget, but helps you sleep better at night.

As the policy holder, you can access these savings tax free for personal needs such as equity for a new home, college education for a child, a new business or whatever is important in your life. In addition, if necessary, you can access the death benefit for emergencies such as a terminal, critical or chronic illness, and there is a legacy benefit to pass on to your loved ones to enhance their lives upon your passing.

If you want to learn more about building wealth tax-free and risk-free, go to the website or request a no cost Illustration from Tom or one of the W. H. Steiner strategic partners.

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