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702s Plan 

for children

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The 702s Plan is a cash accumulation strategy model used for marketing purposes created by W.H. Steiner, The 702s Plan, IT’S HERE™     

This program is designed for parents and grandparents

To introduce a plan that offers financial support and assistance for your child to meet life's biggest challenges with a lifetime gift that keeps on giving.

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Questions we ask?

How can I make a difference?

How can I provide support?

How can I leave a legacy?

What does W.H. STEINER do?

We structure a program for parents and grandparents to provide financial:

Security - Support - Protection
for their child or grandchild.

We will demonstrate how a parent or grandparent can provide their child with:

Lifetime tax-free wealth accumulation and distribution.
Funds to help with college education, a down payment
or a house, or an emergency.

​Funds to protect your child in the event of a serious
illness or injury.

A legacy for their loved ones.

How can this be done?

The proper structure of the 702s Plan.

The effective use of the IRS tax code 7702.


The miracle of uninterrupted compound interest.


Tom Crowley

W.H. STEINER senior advisor

Parent of six children

Grandfather of eleven children

Two Sample Illustrations

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How the numbers grow:

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The accumulation grows tax-free.

Locked in gains, account never goes down.

Uninterrupted compound interest.

Protect  your child's investment plan from stock market declines

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If your investment account value was $1,000,000 in 2007 by end of 2008 your account value would have fallen 38.49% therefore your investment account would have dropped approximately to $615,100.

Your 702s Plan would have resulted in no loss of account value and would have protected you from the volatility of the stock market decline, therefore your account value would have remained unchanged at $1,000,000.

702s Plan 

Access to funds for any purpose or need

The 702s funds can be accessed anytime after year two for any reason. Without penalty!

The accumulated funds can be accessed tax-free through loans.

Special IRS tax code 7702 allows tax-free loans when structured properly.

Funds for living benefits

Terminal Illess
Critical Illness
Chronic Illness

The Final Gift

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Estate Benefit
Provide for loved ones
Leaving a legacy

Summary of Benefits

Provides lifetime income. (tax-free)

Provides discretionary access to loans. (tax-free)

Living Benefits. (tax-free)

Estate Benefit. (tax-free)


The 702s Plan process

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Simplifies the understanding of the contract.

Customize and personalize client illustrations.

Ensures contract meets all IRS tax code 7702 requirements.

Assists in maximizing tax-free accumulation and distribution.

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At W.H. STEINER we have designed a powerful program to assist your child or grandchild to meet life's biggest challenges with your lifetime gift that keeps on giving.

Professionals are ready to assist you in structuring and personalizing your 702s Plan for your child.

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Request your no-cost illustration for your child 
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