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702s Plan

  • Safety of Principal

  • Tax Free Access

  • Living Benefits

  • Death Benefit

  • Access to Loans

  • Market Protection

  • Lock in Annual Gains

  • Employer Contributions Accepted

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Let's review the details of the plan


Safety of Principal

A built in feature is the zero floor, this protects any loss of principal to your retirement contributions. In the event the stock market plummets your savings is always protected in your 702s plan. We protect you from the downside risk, and you are guaranteed not to lose money due to market declines.  Read more here


Tax Free Access 

Your 702s plan allows access to your savings through loans tax free, that's right you can access your savings for a lifetime always tax free. Just google IRS rule 7702, learn for yourself the IRS created a rule in 1984 that allows you to save and access in investment grade life insurance contracts on a tax favorable status. 

702s plan comes with Living Benefits

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Terminal Illness
Critical Illness
Chronic Illness

Your living benefit package inside the 702s plan allows you to access your death benefit while you’re living. If you suffer a heart attack, stroke, or diagnosed with terminal illness or you are unable to perform 2 out of the 6 daily activities you may be diagnosed with chronic illness. More here

Download by clicking the button for more details on living benefits Here.

When a mortality happens


A Death Benefit
is paid to your estate (tax-free)

Market Protection 


Zero floor

No Cap

Enjoy the upside of the market but have peace of mind the protection of the zero floor will always be there to protect you when the market declines. 702s plan has a built in feature so you never lose principal of your retirement saving plan, it's that simple! 

Access to Loans


Peace of mind comes from having access to your retirement savings on your terms without any penalty or hassle. Your 702s plan is there with you for your entire lifetime.


The 702s plan locks in
your annual gains


Your  702s plan every year will lock in gains. By example, if you have a 10% increase this year and next you lose 20% your down, in the 702s plan that is not possible. You can never lose your past gains or any annual gain, which makes the 702s plan a more desirable unique private contract for employers & employees. 

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