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Tom F. Crowley

If you have any questions about the benefits and features of our 702s Plan, please reach out to our Senior Advisor Tom Crowley.


Tom is an experienced advisor who can provide valuable insight into this plan and help you make informed decisions. To connect with Tom, simply click the button below!

702s Plan

Key Benefits:

  • Lifetime Tax Free Income.

  • Uninterrupted Compound Interest

  • Protection from Stock Market Declines.

Important Features:

  • Flexibility to increase or decrease contributions for building your lifetime tax free income.

  • Discretionary access to your cash accumulation.

  • Funds for serious illness or injury.

  • Protection and legacy for loved ones.

Let's review the details of the plan

How the numbers grow:

shutterstock_321683702 (1).jpg
  • Accumulation inside our 702s Plan is tax-free.

  • Gains are locked in. Unlike a 401(k) the account value goes up with the market, but never goes down. 

  • The miracle of long term wealth...Uninterrupted compound interest.

Case Study I Employee

case study.jpg

The 702s Plan

Provides access to funds for any purpose or need

Unlike the 401(k), the 702s funds can be accessed any time after 1 year for any reason.

Without penalty! Unlike the 401(k), the accumulated funds can be accessed tax free through loans.

Special IRS tax code 7702 allows tax free loans  when structured properly.

Protection from Market Declines


This makes two powerful points

The 401(k) has inherent risk due to market volatility and stock market declines.

Our 702s Plan protects from market volatility and stock market declines.

No Cap

$ 1,000,000

$ 615,100



$ 1,000,000



If your 401(k)-account value was $1,000,000 in 2007 by the end of 2008 your account value would have fallen 38.49% therefore your 401(k)-account value would have dropped to $615,100.

Your 702s Plan would have resulted in no loss of account value and would have protected you from the volatility of the stock market decline, therefore your account value would have remained unchanged at $1,000,000.

It took approx. four years for the market to return the 401(k) account back to its original amount. Meanwhile the 702s Plan continued to grow year after year without losing any account value therefore out performed the 401(k) plan. Due to the protection of stock market declines important feature of the 702s Plan.

Funds for living benefits

Terminal Illness
Chronic Illness


These benefits are not available with a 401(k)

Estate Benefits 

Providing for loved ones.
Leaving a legacy 

These benefits are not provided by a 401(k) plan

The 702s Plan Process

Simplifies the understanding of the contract.

Customize and Personalize client illustrations.

Ensures contract meets all IRS tax code 7702 requirements.

Assists in maximizing tax-free accumulation and distribution.

At W.H. STEINER, we have a plan to foster loyalty, trust, and commitment to strengthen the relationship between employers and employees.

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