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Has a new baby arrived?

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

Written by W.H. Steiner

There's a lot to think about - like your child's financial future.

College is a major savings milestone, but there's even so much more to consider.

There is so many options in the market today but there is nothing compared to the savings plan W.H. Steiner has discovered for parents and grandparents. Lets start by evaluating the options first.

1. 529 account for college savings​

2. Passbook saving account

3. IRA

4. Parent custodial account (redirected)

The above 4 choices has its limitations, 529 must be used for education, Savings account has very little or no interest accumulation, the IRA has limitation on how much can be funded, redirected accounts are subject to tax but the GOOD NEWS is that the W.H. Steiner option comes with no limitation.

You can save as little as $25 monthly, you can fund it as much as you like, the access to the growth of the savings is tax free via loans and the plan protects your child financially if ever diagnosed with an illness for his or her lifetime.

Once in the plan your child can never lose their coverage due to their health.


If you are wanting to learn more, you can visit the website link below. or request appointment

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