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W.H. Steiner 

Founder W.H. Steiner, We are a Florida state licensed insurance agency established  on March 15, 2022. Our vision is to provide a transparent process of education on the wealth building strategies using the IRS rule 7702. In addition we offer partnerships to other licensed professionals that are in the advanced markets arena committed as we are to serve their clients with our proven strategies. 

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About me 

As founder, W.H. Steiner is focused on the growth of the ambitious, client-focused

W.H. Steiner business model of providing education in advanced markets that will spearhead a new generation of wealth in the United States.

Primary milestones of the plan include providing education to children, adolescents, including parents and grandparents on how to apply such strategies using an IRS rule that was created in 1984. Building legacy's are no longer only for the wealthy or by the leaving of wealth open a loved one passing, now it can be started and created at a very early age for a child or even adult putting away monthly savings for retirement.

The break through has surfaced because of education and sharing of such knowledge that everyone can build wealth, and have the ability to access your retirement savings when needed without penalty and paying deferred taxes, combined with insurance component that would protect you financially if you were ever diagnosed with an illness.  

Before establishing W.H. Steiner organization, William has worked in the financial insurance markets for over 17 years, mostly in investigative services which lead him to envision an idea to change an industry that has been working the same approach for over 150 years.

Focusing on products that protected the living, that provided a safe way to save money with compound interest and access it through loans tax free. 

My goals are to continue my business development in different fields that include insurance & finance, training on effective speaking, music & film entertainment, in addition to focusing on opportunities that involve natural plant based medicines in Latin America. Revenues generated from my business activities going forward will go to a project that I have envisioned, to build a hospital that will provide natural remedies that have proven to treat mental illness and improve the overall health of those suffering diabetes, drug addiction and other health relates issues.

A notable achievement was to work in wealth management field of risk assessment and investigative insurance services. During my career, I discovered the largest fraud gem collection in which was reported to Willis Insurance, Lloyds of London, and Canadian insurance industry, this potentially saved many from losing millions of their hard earned money from a very deceptive scam that had gone on for years. In addition achieved a two billion dollar policy for undergrounds assets for a publicly traded company on the Chicago mercantile exchange.

Philosophy: To pay it forward every chance I get

A quote that has inspired me - “Give, give till it hurts” published in a book written by Tony Robbins.

Education: Middletown High School South

Special Courses:  Dale Carnegie effective speaking and human relations

including their management courses and assistant instructor course

Licensed: Florida #215, including several other states


I take great pleasurer to serve clients with the best possible options in the market. Lets connect!

Tel: 786-802-2001  

Toll Free: 888-229-0947 ext. 101   

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