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You're invited to our short  15-minute virtual event

Wednesday at 11am (eastern time)

Learn a key strategy on how to attract-retain and motivate your employees!  

What's included

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The first thing  attendees can expect

Is to meet Key Speaker and founder W.H. Steiner. Topic of discussion will be focused on how to Attract-Retain

& Motivate your employees! The event will be presented on the Go To Meeting platform. 


The second thing attendees can expect

Each attending guest will receive a free best seller 
e-book on how to create tax free lifetime retirement income, in addition to protecting yourself from ever losing your retirement savings due to stock market declines ever again! 

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The third thing attendees can expect

Receive $15 food voucher just for attending our short
15-minute virtual event from any participating local chamber of commerce restaurant. That includes Tiki Tiki, Artesano cafe & lounge or Moonlite Diner.   

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