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Engagement two 
  Request No-Cost Illustration  

Copy and paste this into the teleprompter:  

Hi It’s                  from W.H. Steiner. I noticed that you have recently watched our 702s Plan educational video. The next step is to create your own personalized illustration. The illustration will provide you our strategy using the 702s Plan.
To do this... simply click on the red button here. We'll deliver it to you when it's ready in about 2-3 days.
We look forward to exceeding your expectations! Have a great day!

Step two:  Illustration request.

CTA inside the bomb bomb video  


Ref: Hi it's          from W.H. Steiner 

Red Button Message: Request illustration here!


Remember to change your client status to

   step 2 engagement  

Step 2 is now complete! 

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