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Step one 

   Practice your telephone engagement   

Hi! My name is                              

from W.H. Steiner, we are fellow chamber members here in


We are calling to ask your permission to send our educational video which explains our 702s plan that provides a competitive edge for employers, employees, families and children to.


We're confident that after watching it you'll be glad we reached out today!

May, I have your permission to send our educational video? Ok Great!

Your email address is                              Great! Is there anyone else I should copy on this email in the company?  ok!  

I will be sure to send this out to you shortly! Have a great day!

Now your ready to launch the engagement.
You will send two messages, email and text. 

  You will do it with Bomb Bomb  

  Copy and paste this into the teleprompter:  

Hi, It’s                     at W.H. Steiner, we just spoke on the phone, I wanted to personally deliver our 702s Plan educational video to you in this unique way.

Go ahead and click on the red button here to watch the video. We believe you will find the video very informative.  Thanks for watching and have a great day!

   This is how it looks while your recording your bomb bomb video   


Step One: Deliver of the 702s Plan educational video  

CTA inside the bomb bomb video  


Ref: Hi it's          from W.H. Steiner 

Red Button Message: Watch the video here!


  How to create your bomb bomb engagement  

Remember to change your lead status from lead to

   step 1 engagement  

The first engagement is now complete!

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