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is now offering 100% financing of premiums

W.H. Steiner has taken creating wealth to the next level with 100% financing of premiums. You can now obtain the amount of coverage you have dreamed of. Meanwhile you can build your wealth to heights that weren't possible until today.


To get started it’s simple, request your in person or virtual appointment with an authorized W.H. Steiner strategic partner today!

Have Questions about Premium Finance? 

W.H. Steiner is providing the best in premium finance services by means of a seamless structure that has been established and working for over 30 years. Read more.  We offer a weekly webinar for potential clients to listen in before ever asking for their first meeting, it gives the client a chance to understand the details to the structure and ask questions that are important to them. If you are serious about moving forward, take the 30 minutes to get acquainted with us. You can register here


Your invited to join us this coming Tuesday for our 30 minute Premium Finance webinar that starts at 10:30am EST. Meet key speaker W.H. Steiner, learn about the secret sauce behind the structure that have served high-net-worth individuals for over 30 years. You can register by clicking the button below.


W.H. Steiner welcomes estate attorneys, financial advisors, and all financial industry professionals


Premium Finance (Option Two)

Is a creative banking structure enhanced with an insurance component (Indexed Universal Life policy) that provides tax-free living benefits, a death benefit, and the means of creating wealth through a proprietary structure that has been in place for over 30 years.

The structure is based on creating arbitrage that occurs when the cost of the borrowing is less than the annual credits from the chosen index, like the S&P 500, which has a floor return of not less than zero in negative market years. The structure requires no out-of-pocket expense for the policy owner, thus preserving liquidity. There are no personal guarantees required from the insured. Our access to very attractive financing with major investment banks provides a significant arbitrage between the cost of borrowing and the expected earnings of an equity index that has no downside risk in a declining equity index year. Make sure your producer is licensed.

A PAY LETTER OF CREDIT provided by the investment bank to credit enhance the insured’s Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust (“ILIT”) is the means by which the insured enjoys the high credit rating of the bank giving the ILIT the borrowing power. (Gap Collateral) usually any asset like real estate, stock portfolio or tangible asset is used to raise the needed part of the client’s participation of the transaction without any money out of pocket to the client. Learn more here 

The lending bank provides leverage of 8-12 times which is sufficient to complete the needed participation in the program. This will keep the lending bank collateralized at 105% until the need for the collateralized is no longer necessary due to the cash accumulation of the Indexed Universal Life policy. The monies raised to pay the interest and premiums for the policy are held at the investment bank in an interest-bearing account. Interest rates are carefully monitored and the ability to lock in rates are always available at any time during the program.

Premiums and interest are raised in two tranches in year one and year six. Once the cash accumulation equals the amount borrowed the asset will be released and the monies accumulated from the Indexed Universal Life policy retires the bank debt. Depending upon the insured’s life expectancy, the policy continues to build cash value which can be used for various purposes at the client’s discretion or can be used to pay estate taxes upon the insured’s death.

Private Placement Life Insurance (PPLI)

At W.H. Steiner we focus on advanced market products like Private Placement Life Insurance. If your looking to mitigate taxes, protect yourself from market volatility and putting in place a means to never losing principal growth of your estate be sure to reach out to one of our strategic partners. We can show you a better way!

                                             - W.H. Steiner 

The volatility of the U.S. stock market has caused concern with those that have plenty to lose, rising costs of inflation is now felt more so in many decades, and the Russian invasion of Ukraine has strained our markets.


Although in these uncertain times they are solutions to reducing your taxes and putting a level of protection on everything that important to you including the taxes you will need to pay when your no longer here.  No one wishes to burden their families estate so W.H. Steiner has discovered a better way that has been used by the wealthiest families for decades like the Rockefeller's, The Buffets and the Gates and so many more.. 


Private placement life insurance  (PPLI), is made up of your investment portfolio and has an insurance component designed to deliver the minimum amount of insurance protection at the lowest cost possible, allowing the maximum tax benefit to be achieved.

A private placement life insurance policy may be structured to include stocks and bonds, hedge funds, and private equity funds. Section 7702 of the Internal Revenue Code allows the cash value of the PPLI policy to grow free of income tax. In addition, if the PPLI policy is owned by an irrevocable trust, the life insurance benefit tied to the portfolio can potentially escape the federal estate tax, which has a top rate of 40%.

What would you say if we could educate you on a structure that allows your clients to avoid huge taxes? Or protect your principal growth of your portfolio from the markets?

Thanks to the IRS rule that is actually possible and its here! So if you are a money manager, financial advisor or provide financial services you would benefit from learning about Private Placement Life Insurance, go ahead contact a strategic partner at W.H. Steiner.  Be sure to request your no cost illustration and request your complimentary copy of The Secret Asset. 

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