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ARM Program 
Employer & Employee  Benefit Savings Plan 

  • Attract high quality employees with a powerful program to help them build long term retirement solutions tax free.

  • Retain key employees with a program that will provide them tax free loans at their discretion.

  • Motivate long term employees by providing a program with living benefits if they get seriously ill and death benefits for their loved ones.


ARM your employees for Prosperity and Security


W.H. Steiner ARM program is designed to inform both employer-employee regarding an alternative option to retirement savings through Market Protection Insurance

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Creative Strategy to
Recruiting The Best in The Market

Lifetime Living Benefits and Safe Retirement Savings Plan


Recruiting high level talent takes skill and commitment, like a good salary and compensation package that is hard to say no to.  At W.H. Steiner we have a strategy 702s plan that works on providing a savings plan that would make anyone with a 401K seriously reconsider where they arrive to work in the morning. Employers are welcome to contact us.    

Below are various employment jobs, there savings and estimated outcome. We offer to each client an illustration with comparison savings amounts to provide an understanding of how one can achieve the best results based on their ability to save. We suggest if you want to max leverage your savings, one should save 15% of net earnings per month, by comparison, 10% should be the normal and 5% should be considered passive but certainly better than no savings at all. The more you save in the first ten years will affect the outcome largely rather than larger amount of savings in the last 10 years. Learn more by watching this video from Paul Ngalame.


When it comes to protecting the senior key persons in your business, a employer must go the extra mile to provide benefits that demand a serious member of its senior circles a level of protection in the event of illness or even death. Businesses relay heavily on the ability of these key persons to manage and protect the companies profits. When a key person falls ill or dies the company takes on losses in so many ways. W.H. Steiner can provide lots of options to how to create the right plan for both key person and the organization that will be funding such coverage.

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"We understand that your awareness of what you know will change your life radically. 

But not just your life, the lives around you. The lives you touch today and for generations to come. When you sit with me, you will learn something really special... something powerful.  How to build financially independent wealth. What are you waiting for?  You just might change the world. In fact, I know you can"! 

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