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Kids Savings Plan - IT’S HERE™

W.H. STEINER is providing Parents and Grandparents the best kids savings plan, builds wealth tax free, high compound annual interest with no market risk.

Like financing a first home, establishing a business, or providing for retirement. It also provides living benefits in case of a serious illness and a death benefit. There is no gift to your child or grandchild that would be more valuable and that will last for a lifetime. W. H. Steiner is offering a No-Cost illustration for you so see just how valuable this Child Savings Plan is! Read more here!

The good news is that it is affordable and available. It does exist... and IT IS HERE!

Our team is ready to help - call Toll Free 888-229-0947 push option # 3

3 Reasons on how our plan makes best sense


1. The ability to start with as low as $25 monthly, although many parents start higher but its flexible

2. Unlike any IRA, 529 plan or 401K hybrid, all is subject to rules and conditions that might back fire on your savings if plans should change including how much you can put into the plan, our plan has none of the terms and conditions including you can fund it as much as you like with no exceptions!. Learn more here

3. The ability for it to accumulate is from being tied to an index performing in the S&P stock market without any risk of loss due to a feature called zero floor and it can accumulate much more aggressive than any bank account or account that is in the market without having market protection insurance.

Interested in seeing an illustration for your child's plan? We gladly provide a comparison on how our program works compared to any bank institution.


With certainty you will be surprised!

the team

Thursday Night 
Kids Savings Plan Webinar

W.H. Steiner offers weekly webinars to teach parents and grandparents on how our savings plan works for kids. Parents or grandparents can now create wealth never seen before in their lifetime. This savings plan comes with both savings and insurance component that will protect the child for his or her lifetime. Compare with others. Go ahead and click on the below button and request your no cost illustration today!


Apply Today!

Call Toll Free 888-229-0947 Option #3

 Lifetime Benefits for Kids 


Savings accumulation tax free

Financial Wealth

There is no better plan in the financial market that can provide such safety of principal combined with increased level of lifetime compound interest. The secret sauce is that the savings is tied to an index that allows you to participate in the market without ever losing principal. This is done by a feature called the zero floor.


Your child will have access to the means of accumulating wealth and access to it at their discretion when loans are needs or retirement has arrived, or perhaps need of the covering costs for education. There may be many other reasons like paying for braces or summer camp.

Parents and Grandparents can safely fund

theirs child's policy starting at $25 monthly or more if they choose to create sustainable wealth for their children.


The savings grows by monthly contributions and yearly compound interest. Depending on the child's age by example 3 years (girl) it would be estimated to provide a retirement of $500,000.00 starting at 65. Withdraw of $25,000 for 20 years till the age of 85.


Every child (parent) receives a personalized created illustration that will provide a clear road map and better understanding of the true wealth that can be accomplished in the plan. Think globally on other children might save here. 


Diagnosed with an Illness

No parent wants to ever think their child would be diagnosed with a illness but it does happen. This plan comes with an insurance component that specifically pays a living benefit that would go to assist in any additional costs over above your existing health plan.


The plan itself covers if the child was ever diagnosed with critical, chronic or terminal illness. Most child coverage start with $50,000.00 and can be increased at anytime based on acceptance from underwriting of the carrier.

child yellow background.jpg

Lifetime Benefits

Lifetime benefits start from day one, and continue for an entire lifetime, once the plan starts you can't be denied and your child will always have the needed protection in the event something should happen. The plan provides:

  • Safe and secure savings to which you can access at anytime after 12 months

  • Access to loans tax free at your discretion (under IRS rule 7702)

  • Lifetime insurance coverage if ever being diagnosed to an illness

  • Increased funding is allowed

  • The plan may be closed at anytime

Grandparents legacy

Child Wealth Savings Plan


W.H. Steiner is excited to bring forward the safest Universal Child Savings Plan that can be used to accumulate wealth in addition to having lifetime insurance coverage in the event the child was diagnosed with an illness. Today marks a new landscape for children to have a head start with financial security instead of student debt hanging over their heads. A retirement planned without the fear of losing their savings from the stock market ever. W.H. Steiner has unlocked the code for children to have the best access to financial security for their lifetime by simply starting today! Be sure to reach out to a W.H. Steiner strategic Partner, they are ready to help!


Funding a child's policy should be one of the best decisions any parent or grandparent could make for their child. Imagine a new generational of children not in debt, financially secure, provided all the living benefits they would ever need for a lifetime. Eliminating all costs of life insurance in their lives. Giving them the peace of mind knowing they will never being denied coverage. All children will have their savings growing every year with compound interest year after year, and never seeing $1 dollar of their savings ever lost to the stock market with market protection insurance. You should always compare what we are offering to others here. 


Grandparent Legacy

Learning about how to pass on wealth to our children should be as basic as learning how to read and write. Here at W.H Steiner, our underwriters pride themselves on providing valuable knowledge to parents about the hidden secrets of the importance of having an Universal Child Savings Plan, protecting them and their children for an entire lifetime. What used to be only thought of for the wealthy is now available to everyone who desires to make a better life — a life of wealth and financial stability for themselves and their children. If you are a grandparent, you can also leave a legacy for your grandchild when you allow our underwriters to guide you through the simple steps to create documentation that will serve your final wishes. Learn more here. 

Father son.jpg

Tax Free gifts for children

For 2021, the annual exclusion amount is $15,000 for individuals and $30,000 for married couples. Read more on gifting. A couple with two children and three grandchildren would be able to make annual exclusions to each of them for a total $150,000 of tax-free gifts each year. Leaving a legacy should be important. 

By funding your children's Universal Savings Plan over time, one could leave generations of wealth completely tax free. A parent doesn't have to die before seeing its wealth passed on and growing for their loves ones.


Military Personnel

Creating Wealth for Our Veterans children is another way we can say Thank You for all you do for our country! Everyone at W.H. Steiner gives great thanks and gratitude to all of our military personnel.

With pleasure, we can provide insight into how to create wealth for your lifetime and your family’s, tax-free, by sharing information on how Universal Child Savings Plan can serve your child for a lifetime in return for your service.

Financial freedom and peace of mind, knowing you have living benefits that will serve you always when you need it most. Be sure to contact your W.H. Steiner strategic partner today!


Baby’s Financial Future

Has a new baby arrived?

There's a lot to think about - like your child's financial future.

College is a major savings milestone, but there's even so much more to consider.

There is so many options in the market today but there is nothing compares to the savings plan W.H. Steiner has discovered for parents and grandparents. Lets start by evaluating the options first.

1. 529 account for college savings​

2. Passbook saving account

3. IRA

4. Parent custodial account (redirected)

The above 4 choices has its limitations, 529 must be used for education, Savings account has very little or no interest accumulation, the IRA has limitation on how much can be funded, redirected accounts are subject to tax but the GOOD NEWS is that the W.H. Steiner option comes with no limitation. You can learn more here. 


You can save as little as $25 monthly, you can fund it as much as you like, the access to the growth of the savings is tax free via loans and the plan protects your child financially if ever diagnosed with an illness for his or her lifetime.


Once in the plan your child can never lose their coverage due to their health.


Grandparents Legacy Begins


It's rare that we receive a submitted photo and a very personal story like this. I felt this story should be shared. It's about a very big girl who battled with so much courage to have endured recently the loss of her mother at such a young age. She is loved and taken care of by her grandmother and grandfather in Charleston, South Carolina. Although she has her daily challenges missing her mom, she continues on her life going to school and doing her homework just like all the other children with a gentle smile.


Her grandmother is one of us, the team at W.H. Steiner and since the loss of her daughter she too has met every challenge to go on, she knows first hand the importance of her responsibilities and the value of life and the role she must take on. This week she has decided to start a legacy for her granddaughter in memory of her own daughter, her mother. Children sometimes aren't given the life of child for very long, some must grow up enduring things that children should never need to experience till they are much older and ready to process the loss of a loved one, especially a parent. Sabrena is committed to help all children & grandchildren in a way all parents would want for their own.


My prayers are for this family everyday and know that this extremely bright, cheerful and beautiful child will endure to fulfill her God given destiny.  W.H. Steiner (founder)


If you live in the Charleston area and want to speak with Sabrena to understand how you to could start a legacy for your child or grandchild. Call the number below!

Sabrena (Grand Mother) Tel: 843-442-5429

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