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Charleston grandmother inspires legacy building 


If you live in the Charleston area and want to speak with Sabrena to understand how you to could start a legacy for your child or grandchild. Call the number below!

Sabrena (Grandmother) Tel: 843-442-5429

It's rare that we receive a submitted photo and a very personal story like this. I felt this story should be shared. It's about a very big girl who battled with so much courage to have endured recently the loss of her mother at such a young age. She is loved and taken care of by her grandmother and grandfather in Charleston, South Carolina. Although she has her daily challenges missing her mom, she continues on her life going to school and doing her homework just like all the other children with a gentle smile.


Her grandmother is one of us, the team at W.H. Steiner and since the loss of her daughter she too has met every challenge to go on, she knows first hand the importance of her responsibilities and the value of life and the role she must take on. This week she has decided to start a legacy for her granddaughter in memory of her own daughter, her mother. Children sometimes aren't given the life of child for very long, some must grow up enduring things that children should never need to experience till they are much older and ready to process the loss of a loved one, especially a parent. Sabrena is committed to help all children & grandchildren in a way all parents would want for their own.


My prayers are for this family everyday and know that this extremely bright, cheerful and beautiful child will endure to fulfill her God given destiny.  W.H. Steiner (founder)

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