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Wealth & Health Webinars

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Monday 8:00pm 

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Market Protection Insurance 

Be ready to learn about how a simple IRS rule has changed the game for the everyday person. Eliminate market risk and create wealth tax free!

Tuesday 10:30am 

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Premium Finance 

We invite estate attorneys and high-net-worth individuals to learn the strategy of how to paying estate taxes without using your own capital reserves.

Wednesday 8:00pm 

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Arm Program/Employer/Employee

A new alternative to safe and secure savings plan for both employer/employee that you can access tax-free that also offers lifetime illness coverage.

Thursday 8:00pm 

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Kids Savings Plan

Strategies on how the wealthiest create generational wealth for their children, exempt from any stock market risk and tax-free income for life.

Friday 12:00pm 

Saturday 10:00am

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Career Opportunities 


Financial Professionals

W.H. Steiner offers the strategies to building a successful insurance business through the use of education not high pressure sales tactics.

Financial Professionals are invited to a meet and greet with founder W.H. Steiner to learn about how to Increase your client’s retirement savings, eliminate any possible risk to the stock market and focus all their wealth accumulation into a tax-free environment.

Receive your Free Copy
for attending any Webinar Event 


That's right, just for attending any W.H. STEINER webinar, we will provide you with a complimentary copy of the Best Selling Book "The Secret Asset" by David D'Arcangelo.

Founder, W.H. Steiner 

W.H. Steiner 

* All Webinars are 15 Minutes
Scheduled on Eastern Daylight Time
Webinars are presented Via Go To Meeting
All Presenters are Licensed & Trained

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