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Kay Kabinga 

Mr. Kabinga is a Consulting Mastermind, Financier Deal Broker and Investment Banking Global Financial Services Leader.  


Most CEOs, CFOs and Partners of Accounting, Law & Consulting Firms call his for advice on how to   the best way to invest money. In most cases than naught he often finds himself being the go-to person for some of these executives who want to just talk and to bounce off ideas and strategies they may have on generating more profits while adding the most value and improving the livelihoods of all stakeholders. He is also known as a trusted friend. 

My Story

As Strategic Partner and Certified Financial Fiduciary at W.H.Steiner, Kay works closely with clients to help them realize their retirement and investment goals. Kay has a heart for helping people and solving complex investment problems. He is very sharp and knows how to put together creative solutions for premium financing and help startups get 100% investment capital. 



As Principal Broker for Underwriting and Risk Assessment and Premium Finance Investment Banking at Family First Life, he has helped protect numerous families and businesses and politicians using the most customized insurance and investment strategies that have changed lives. He has also advocated for both Adventist and non-Adventist donors to designate AHC and Consolation Ministries as a beneficiary for those that were looking for a charity as a beneficiary in their wills and estate planning. As a Principal Broker for the largest insurance companies in the country he has access to unlimited resources and to top leadership of the people that run these insurance companies. His team currently has over $4 Billion of assets under management. 


As a VP of Lending & Broker Financing for Midas Financials’ Dallas office, He and his team has helped several businesses and individuals obtain over $1 Billion in funding and has authored several acclaimed books including an Amazon Best Seller titled “How to obtain Business Credit & Funding using EIN and without using your SSN or personal collateral.”   


As Senior Manager Revenue & Financial Reporting for The TGG Private Equity Group he has been instrumental in overhauling their entire accounting and financial reporting systems and has used Business Intelligence reporting tools and his vast experience in Accounting & Finance to do this and add value by automating complex SSP revenue recognition and allocation calculations that the company paid $1.5 million a year for a consulting firm to do. 


As a Senior Manager Management Consultant for a Boston Consulting Group, He has provided CFO advisory services for numerous CFOs and CEOs in the following industries: Healthcare, Real Estate, Deal Syndication, Constriction, Mergers & Acquisitions, Financial Services, Public Accounting & Consulting Firms as well as to Politicians, Entrepreneurs and Financiers.   


As an External Audit Consultant engaged by Turner, Stone & Company a top-notch Public Accounting firm based in Dallas, he was asked to facilitate the audit of several fraud forensic audits of several New York Stock Exchange companies. 


As an Accounting, Financial, Operational, SOX and Risk Assessment Senior Management Consultant he has served in various roles Senior and Management roles for the Big 4 Accounting firms viz Ernst & Young, PwC, Deloitte, KPMG, Armanino, Grant Thornton and several other corporations such as Real Page, NCRand The Brinks Company.  


Other Leadership Roles:


1. Managing Partner for Madison Boulevard Corporation - a Venture Capital Firm that helps people crystalize their financial goals and opportunities into reality. 

2. Managing Partner for Creato Investment Partners LLC a Real Estate Development firm that work in concert with Creato Arquitectos. 

3. Partner for Creato Arquitectos an Architectural firm that specializes in ultra-modern architectural designs – 

4. Treasurer & CFO for NAPS - National Association for the Prevention of Starvation 02-06. 

5. Treasurer, Finance Committee & Board member for Richardson Church the most diverse church in North America namely. Richardson currently has over 8 church satellite locations.

6. Mentors Undergraduate and Graduate Students at SMU (Southern Methodist University).

7. Mentors Stockbrokers & Insurance Brokers nationwide in the United States of America. 

8. Mentors At-Risk Kids at Texas Can Academy in Dallas, TX. 

9. Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar Alumni. 




• He is a Certified Financial Fiduciary (CFF). This is a highly sought-after designation among financial advisors that most of the ultra-wealthy clients require their money managers to have due to its high ethical standards and rigorous testing program.

• He attended Southwestern Adventist University and obtained an MBA in Finance with Strategic Management emphasis. 

• He attended Oakwood University and obtained a BS in Accounting & Computer Info. Systems. 

• He attended Terry College of Business at University of Georgia for a year as a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar and studied International Business, Law and Economics. 




Mr. Kabinga is passionate about evangelism and loves to preach and tell the world about Jesus. 


Mr. Kabinga enjoys helping people by adding value in any way he can and help people solve problems. 




Mr. Kabinga enjoys listening to classical music and the news and reading viz: financial, religious and leadership development literature. He also enjoys traveling, community service, attending seminars and conferences, social and cultural information exchanges, and cultural excursions. He also enjoys hiking, mountain biking and swimming.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Office: 214-764-5070  

Cell: 202-740-0117

Toll Free: 888-229-0947 ext. 108

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