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Jason G. Mandel 

Jason G. Mandel has spent over 27 years in finance and the risk management industry. Mr. Mandel provides comprehensive holistic risk management solutions to his clients. Having a strong belief in ESG concepts (Environmental, Social and Governance), Mr. Mandel found a way of incorporating his beliefs into his business. Mr. Mandel’s firm provides innovative and cutting-edge risk management solutions to a wide variety of clients across the globe. As of August 2022, Jason now serves as senior advisor to W.H. Steiner organization

My Story

Working with only insurance carriers that he believes offer compelling risk management solutions and maintain business practices that he can support, Mr. Mandel has led the industry in this ESG initiative. ESG Insurance Solutions advises family offices and their business entities, by providing asset protection, advanced tax minimization vehicles, principal protected tax-free income structures, employee retention strategies, key person coverage and tax-free enhanced retirement plans for their essential employees. ESG also helps clients form their own insurance companies to reduce risk management costs and minimize taxation.

Prior to ESG, Mr. Mandel was the Founder and Senior Portfolio Manager of the Soundview Strategic Fund, LP. The fund provided asset backed loans to corporations to better protect employees, management and shareholders. Mr. Mandel led the investment team at Soundview and had final responsibility for all financial analysis, due diligence and loan administration. Mr. Mandel has led the industry in incorporating the financing of life insurance and tax-free retirement income plans for corporations and their top executives.

Mr. Mandel started his career as an institutional equity trader at Cantor Fitzgerald & Company where he focused on the insurance and financial services sector. Mr. Mandel later joined D.E. Shaw Securities, part of a large hedge fund complex. At D.E. Shaw, he led a group focused on principal risk basket trading of equity securities and helped develop proprietary solutions for the trading of highly illiquid equity securities.

Mr. Mandel was hired in 1998 by Samuel J. LeFrak, a real estate developer, to help manage his non-real estate assets in his family investment office. Mr. Mandel analyzed both private and public equity investments for Mr. LeFrak, his children and his grandchildren. Mr. Mandel left to found HM Fund Management, LLC. The firm offered a variety of investment solutions, like principal protected notes tied to a basket of hedge funds and tax-efficient warrants tied to the performance of low volatility asset managers. The firm migrated to life insurance-based lending transactions in 2005. HM eventually managed a loan portfolio collateralized by 3.2 billion dollars in life insurance benefits and a 2.6 billion dollar portfolio of life settlement contracts.

In addition to the U.S.A. and Canada, Mr. Mandel has successfully worked with institutions in South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Switzerland, France, Germany and England. Mr. Mandel has introduced structured products, market neutral managed accounts, private equity and hedge fund investments to family offices and other institutional investors worldwide. Mr. Mandel has started or invested with his partners into several bespoke insurance companies in jurisdictions like Delaware, Bermuda, Cayman, Australia and Switzerland.

Mr. Mandel received a B.A. cum laude from Brandeis University in Waltham, Massachusetts with a concentration in Politics 1995. He went on to receive his Master’s Degree from Columbia University in New York. There, he studied corporate strategic communications with a focus on brand management strategy in the insurance and asset management industry.

In his free time, Mr. Mandel has sponsored and helped lead fact-finding trips to the Middle East and Russia for the American Foreign Policy Council based in Washington, D.C. (


Mr. Mandel is also a volunteer advisor to start-up companies for The Venture Mentoring Team ( He focuses on helping start-ups maximize valuation and shareholder confidence through the implementation of risk management solutions.


Mr. Mandel lectures on risk management issues frequently and consults regularly for managed service organizations, registered investment advisors, law firms, accounting firms and insurance advisors.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

Phone: (888) 379-0270 ext. 1001

Direct: (561) 491-0591

Fax: (561) 424-8050

Cell: (917) 603-2365

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